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Soiledpoetry's Wants Post!

Hey there everybody, Ash from Singapore here again.
i am in love with collecting pokedolls american or japanese.
however, i do find them a little daunting to collect especially if you want every single pokedoll.
just too many of them, not enough space, arghhhh!! >:(
So..... i've decided to dive/surf (pun definitely intended) into a more aquatic territory!
Water Types!
Oh and ghost types as well! since there are not many of them!
Another side collection i have are Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbausaur.
The 3 who started it all, well for me at least :)
I would love to trade and/or purchase any of the pokedolls/plushes below,
Oh Tags. i'd love it if the pokedolls/plushes came with their original tags.
But i'd love the tush tag onlys just as much.
this is the list of my wants as of now,
thanks for viewing!
Please come take a look at what i have for to offer for trad here!
i know i haven't made a collection post in like forever
waiting on a couple more underwater pokedolls to arrive first :)
i found all these picture on google, so if you're the owner and would like them off, please let me know :)

Holy Grail (i might cry if i ever found one of this giants!)
DX Wailord from Pokepark

Major Wants!

Magikarp Pokedoll

Poliwhirl Pokedoll

Giratina Origin Forme Pokedoll

Spheal Pokedoll

Snover Pokedoll

Altaria Pokedoll

Clefairy Pokedoll

Jirachi Pokedoll

Natu Pokedoll

Houndour Pokedoll

Absol Pokedoll

Mew Walky Plush (the smaller one prefably with tags and charms please)

Banpresto Typholsion UFO Plush


Hey.. I'm from Singapore too!
nice to meet you fellow singaporean :D
there are getting to be more and more singaporeans on pkmncollectors it seems!
Well I just joined LJ so I have to get into pkmncollectors... But I'm putting things in to get my membership!
PS: BY GOLLY (?) You have a lot of stuff! Did you get all them pokédolls in Singapore?
it's actually fairly easy to get into the community!
you just need to have at least one post (be it pokemon related or not) on your livejournal and you're pretty much in :)
most of my pokedolls are bought online actually, from various members found on pkmncollectors! i love pokedolls :D
what kind of merchandise are you planning to collect?
Fairly Obsessed with Pokédolls... I'm only 13, and my parents aren't exactly money throwers, (ASIAN Duh :)) so it'll take a long time to get a few. I like to randomly online shop.. so I started to look at Pokédolls, and when I found that LJ had like the best deals on the internet, I really wanted to get an account.
you'll have an account here in no time i'm sure!
and if you need help getting any pokedolls i can try to help you,
just let me know.
Actually, I have been looking for a pokédoll that I can't find, Bulbasaur. I've been looking around, and it turns out when Charmander and Squirtle got re-released, Bulbasaur didn't. While I can easily find places to find the first two, Bulbasaur is the only one I can't find that's not bootlegged. Do you know any websites or places I could get one?
Bulbasaur is definitely the rarest of the 3 by a mile!
I got mine in a group auction that was hosted by a member on pkmncollectors.
To my surprise, the bulbasaur i won turned out to be a 10th anniversary bulbasaur pokedoll when he arrived. He has a different tush tag (with a pikachu on it)
I was super happy about it :D I thought it was just a normal bulbasaur pokedoll.

And i'm Sorry to say but I have no idea of a website to find another bulbasaur right now.
your best bet would be finding one on pkmncollectors as every now and then a bulbasaur would tend to pop up in group auctions hosted by fellow members.
But I will keep an eye out for them for you :)